This trip was a 50th year birthday present to myself. Because of Covid it was delayed for a couple of years, but now in 2022 it’s finally on. I will try to updaste the blog regularly, but I don’t expect cellular coverage everywhere, so expect bulk updates.

Train day 3

Had breakfast with a couple from Colorado. She had participated in creating the 500 mile Colorado Trail back in the 80s. Slept like a log. Trains are good. Sitting in my little cubicle fixing my feet and listening to music, volume at 11. Looking out at this dry crazy Utah landscape. The train is only two hours delayed. Which means I will miss my ride. Only 20lm plus to the trail head, so if it comes to it I can just walk. [Read More]

Train, train, train

When the train finally arrived in Klamath Falls, I had a coach seat until Sacramento. The train arrived late in, but the connection was even later. Slept poorly in the seat, so it was a long wait. Coffee and a sandwich and later an ice cream. As Sacramento heated up it was more and more unbearable to be outside. Now on the train, which just crossed the PCT over Donner Pass. [Read More]

Amtraking to Colorado

Yesterday I registered and shot off an email to the Continental Divide Trail Coalition. The volunteer manager (like the US version of DNT’s Lise) got me into a trail maintenance project in the Rockies starting on Thursday. Do now I have a 45 hour train journey booked for the measly sum of 750USD. First night in couch, so this will be the Interrail trip I never took as a youth. [Read More]

By the pool holiday

Binged on Netflix. Had two machine made pancakes for breakfast. Walked over to get my tick medicine for the grand total of $4.95. Then walked around Ashland a bit, cleaned gear, and hung out by the pool. Now at the Mexican restaurant drinking Margaritas and eating fajitas. Did go to the hotel gym. Three weeks where only upper body exercise was to pole propel myself up hills and lift the backpack… combined with a huge calorie deficiency. [Read More]

Ashland zero

Woke up, had the rest of the granola I carried from Etna and was on the trail at 0650. Just 50 minutes after Zeb. Today was just to get down to Callahan Lodge for breakfast. Just 13km down the valley. Easy and fast trail. When there, hot a small uninteresting breakfast from a waitress who could in many ways have been better suited for the job. This morning I noticed a bull’s eye tick bite, so going to the local health clinic. [Read More]

First (and only?) 30 mile day

Didn’t feel like I slept too well so was hard to get up when the alarm clock rang at 0530. Zeb was off at 0600, I didn’t leave before 0647. It had snowed quite a bit all night. Slept with my water filter to avoid it freezing. Packed up and left quickly. Was a walking machine for the first 16km. Averaging 5.6km/h. Caught up with Zeb and we walked together for the rest of the day. [Read More]

Rain, clouds and American breakfast

Got up packed everything and went over to the cafe with Bill. A few of the locals already there. They did not acknowledge us. Btw, this part of California has a separation movement, trying to create their own state. Jefferson state. The ham and cheese omelette with hash browns and toast was really good. The portions so massive that it’s a struggle eating much more than half. Still not hungry even though my garmin tells me I have burnt 4600 kcals today. [Read More]

Milkshake and burger in redneck city

Got up around 0630 and packed up. Did a calm and collected walk down to the town with Running Bird. That was very enjoyable, but the last 10km on tarmac road was not. Got to tge cafe/market/post office and got the lounged for burger and strawberry milkshake. Running Birds husband came to pick her up, as she finished the PCT here. And he brought three hikers that had skipped the section from Etna to Seiad. [Read More]

Møtte en dugnadsgruppe

I will do this one in Norwegian so my smallest kid kan read. En treg morgen, tok lang tid å komme seg ut av soveposen. Jeg åpnet teltnettingen og kikket ut. Ihvertfall ingen av de plagsomme hjortene der. Så jeg la meg tilbake og lukket øynene. Plutselig dytter noe bort i teltduken. Det er et ekorn som vil inn. Vi begge skvetter skikkelig når vi får se hverandre. Igår kveld hørte jeg bjeffing og det var hestespor på stien. [Read More]

A lot of worry for nothing

Woke up at 6, had a shower and went outside, where I hitched a ride the 400m to the coffee shop with Robert. He bought me a scone at the bakery, and refused to let me buy him a coffee at the coffee shop. I said farewell to Robert who was dsy hiking up by Porcupine lake today. Got a massive breakfast burrito and when that was done Jaclyn from the motel came by to take me to the trail head. [Read More]