The End

I am sitting in the airport hotel lobby drinking beer and watching the planes at SFO land. The last farewells are said. Today to my fantastic local support crews. Bob & Maryann and Alun and Madhuri. Stayed the night at Bob and Maryann’s, and recorded the best sleep score ever. And achieved a body battery of 100%. Did I tell you that my Garmin watch is running my life? Arrived late last night. [Read More]

Heading Home!

Again a very nice evening around the campfire. Jay was very happy about meeting his wife the next day and was running around preparing for an early start. A couple of CDT hikers also joined. Great to hear their stories. And it also cements my decision not yo continue the PCT hike. I am not at a stage in my life where I want to spend five months in the woods hiking. [Read More]

Colorado Trail day 4

A very slow start today which was good. The plan was to only do 16 miles. Been low on energy for the last two days, so this morning I tried “dinner for breakfast” and cooked up a chicken alfredo mountain house. That seemed to work, I left the others behind and did a 10 miler in under 3 hours with 800m of climb. I have turned into a hiking machine! No other pains than the little toe today. [Read More]

Colorado Trail day 3

A slowish start today, but we passed most of the people we had camped with within the first couple of hours. Hiked with Ski Patrol and Team USA all day. Then caught up with Jay and Thunder. Now camped at Kanosha campsite. Spigot for water, wood for sale, so a nice evening around the fire. Jay enjoyed himself with some weed/thc smoking device. Third day in a row doing 20+ miles. [Read More]

Colorado Trail day 2

Slow start this morning, as I didn’t sleep too well. Granola with just water isn’t nearly as good as when it’s mixed with dried milk powder. Said farewell to the Polish mom and Denver daughter. They are doing just 10 mile days. Felt the ache in the footarch I noticed end of yesterday almost immediately. That didn’t make for happy hiking, most painful going down, do good thing today was a going up day. [Read More]

Colorado Trail day 1

Woke up at 0530, breakfast at 0600, and in the Uber out of the hotel at 0645. Got some cash out of the hotel ATM and someone had left a twenty in the money tray. Thought it would be my day! I had seen some messages about the Waterton trail head being closed, but how could anyone close a trail head? When we got there, it gad a big fence around it with barbed wire above. [Read More]

Doing Denver

Saw the worst movie in a long time, the Wiener Race Internationals about a set of kids competing with Dachs’es. Woke up this morning, called SAS about changing the return flight. Pretty much got a “in your dreams, now fuck off we are going on a strike” back. Cancelled my DEN to SJC flight, and set out to prepare to fo a but of the Colorado Trail instead. I should rename the blog to “Ole doing America” instead of the PCT. [Read More]

CDT trail work 3

Last day of trail work. Much warmer last night so no frost. We got another fabulous breakfast. Packed the energy bar that claimed it had four real ingredients, and Donna’s zipbag of watermelon for lunch. Packed up tent and all stuff and then we drove to Devils thumb trail head to work from the other end of the trail. An hour’s drive through windy forest roads. This trail head was much closer to the real divide. [Read More]

CDT trail work 2

New day, more work. Sleep score of 49, but slept much better than first night. Adjusted better to altitude. Worked with Linda the sheepdog competitor most of the day. Violated almost all topics on Bob’s blacklist of what not to discuss with Americans. She used to be in the Army. Hardcore woman. She had done great in the diversity department. First marriage with a black from the army, having a gay son. [Read More]

CDT trail work 1

The Junko lake trail head is at about 3100m elevation. The outer tent fabric had a good amount of ice and frost on it this morning. Got up and joined the others for breakfast. The crewchefs, Michael and Donna, had done a big breakfast buffet with eggs, bacon, oatmeal, fruits and all you could expect from car camping. Didn’t know what to expect from this. Some people would trickle in over the weekend. [Read More]