Train day 3

Had breakfast with a couple from Colorado. She had participated in creating the 500 mile Colorado Trail back in the 80s.

Slept like a log. Trains are good.

Sitting in my little cubicle fixing my feet and listening to music, volume at 11. Looking out at this dry crazy Utah landscape.

The train is only two hours delayed. Which means I will miss my ride. Only 20lm plus to the trail head, so if it comes to it I can just walk.

They now just announced we are passing Ruby canyon on the Colorado river with a lot of kayakers. Apparently it’s the tradition that they will moon the train. Can’t hold my breath.

And indeed they were mooning. Lunch with a couple in their twenties. And a selfie with chief conductor Codie.

Ended up 3 hours late, which meant I got just enough time to have dinner on the train. Mexican soufflé, Atlantic salmon and chocolate mousse cake. Together with some grandparents and their grandchild. Their daughter and husband was going to Norway for three weeks, so we exchanged details in case we could do anything for them. Apparently the daughter had run a sheep farm in Norway for two years(!)

Finally got off the train after having pushed the train attendant to tell me how much was expected in tips (5USD per person per night), did some random shopping at Safeway and met Adam who took me to the trailhead. That was super nice given it was a fourty minute drive on poor roads. Met the others in the trail crew and now camped in the rain. At the whooping elevation of 3070m.