CDT trail work 2

New day, more work. Sleep score of 49, but slept much better than first night. Adjusted better to altitude.

Worked with Linda the sheepdog competitor most of the day. Violated almost all topics on Bob’s blacklist of what not to discuss with Americans. She used to be in the Army. Hardcore woman. She had done great in the diversity department. First marriage with a black from the army, having a gay son. Second marriage with a super anti-gay guy, who luckily was grown up enough to get over his phobia when discovering that his step son was gay. People can change!

During camp fire today I brought up the important topic of elevation and altitude and what the difference was. Given that we had no cell coverage there was no way to check with wikipedia. Everyone, including the thru hikers we met claimed they were essentially synonyms. I wasn’t happy with that answer and mumbled something about wanting to verify that with someone not from the colonies. They kept teasing me about that for the rest of the weekend. Wonder why.

(After having googled it, it seems to be quite context specific. I did like the definition of elevation being absolute and altitude being relative. As in elevation is always from mean sea level, while altitude would be distance to ground from where you are. Eg when skydiving we would set the altimeter to zero at the airstrip. Not to the elevation of the airfield itself. )

(A girl just walked by with a placard saying “fuck the patriarchy”. Go girl! Writing this on the 27th)