Doing Denver

Saw the worst movie in a long time, the Wiener Race Internationals about a set of kids competing with Dachs’es.

Woke up this morning, called SAS about changing the return flight. Pretty much got a “in your dreams, now fuck off we are going on a strike” back. Cancelled my DEN to SJC flight, and set out to prepare to fo a but of the Colorado Trail instead. I should rename the blog to “Ole doing America” instead of the PCT.

Went to REI and pimped my backpack with a shoulder strap bottle holder and rebought tge gas canister I returned to tgem yesterday. Then to USPS to ship back the micro spikes, tshirt from CDTC and a few other superfluous things. Then there was a mont bell shop (from Japan) and I couldn’t stop" myself from getting a 55 dollar hiking umbrella.

Promised Mrs M that I wouldn’t look like a bush troll, so got some razors from the hotel reception.

Loaded the backpack with five days of food. Got an Uber ordered for 7am tomorrow.

Now at TripAdvisor’s highest ranked Denver restaurant (Corinne). Splurging on cocktails and some good food. Not deserved given my puritan protestant Norwegian background, but oh ever so good!

Quite a few women out with placards tonight. The whole thing is just sad.