Colorado Trail day 3

A slowish start today, but we passed most of the people we had camped with within the first couple of hours. Hiked with Ski Patrol and Team USA all day. Then caught up with Jay and Thunder. Now camped at Kanosha campsite. Spigot for water, wood for sale, so a nice evening around the fire. Jay enjoyed himself with some weed/thc smoking device.

Third day in a row doing 20+ miles. 37.3km today. The last few miles were hard. Intermittent rain and some scary lightning while walking across a somewhat exposed ridge. Arch pain went away (changed lacing on shoes a bit) replaced by a squashed and painful little toe.

Shorter day tomorrow. Ski patrol will hitch to his truck and come and meet us with pizza. :-) All of these guys are in their thirties. And a couple if them living in their trucks. :-)

Oh yes, met two guys with pistols attached to their backpack shoulder straps. Someone had challenged them about it. Claimed to be ex-police. Probably were “ex” for a reason. Met them twice, once in each direction. Wonder if they understand that by carrying a gun, it makes the rest of us think they are crazies and consider preventive measures. Should perhaps not have shipped back the ice axe.

And I saw a couple of antelopes. Didn’t know those were up here. Lots of “new to me” plants and animals.