Colorado Trail day 4

A very slow start today which was good. The plan was to only do 16 miles. Been low on energy for the last two days, so this morning I tried “dinner for breakfast” and cooked up a chicken alfredo mountain house. That seemed to work, I left the others behind and did a 10 miler in under 3 hours with 800m of climb. I have turned into a hiking machine! No other pains than the little toe today. Say farewell to that nail. Topped out at 3600m. Watch claims I am acclimatized to 2450m now. Been above 3000m for over a week.

Mostly hiked alone today, but met up with a retired ski trainer and chatted on the last few miles. Passed a few people, including a guy who wondered if I had seen his wife. Described as “young lady, about as old as me (he must have been 65) with a pink hat”. The only lady I remembered was a somewhat wide in all directions lady, so I indicated that with my arms. If that was her. “Yes”, he exclaimed, “but don’t tell her that!”.

Now in camp, where Ski Patrol showed up with pizza, coke and wine. And together with Team USA, Thunder, Mr Weed, we’ll have the fire going soon. There are some plans of going into Leadville for July 4th celebrations. I might see if escape down the road with Ski Patrol and out west instead. Going to sleep on it.

It’s so fun having these young(er) guys around. We have only known each other for a couple of days, but it feels like we are great mates already. Guess I got a tramily! (Trail family). (Yeah, yeah, very American, but I try my best to assimilate).