Heading Home!

Again a very nice evening around the campfire. Jay was very happy about meeting his wife the next day and was running around preparing for an early start. A couple of CDT hikers also joined. Great to hear their stories. And it also cements my decision not yo continue the PCT hike. I am not at a stage in my life where I want to spend five months in the woods hiking. One of the CDT hikers, was 60 years old. Had lost 45 pounds and after 80 days, was as keen as anything. Including plans of hiking the other long trails in the US.

Jay came around to say goodbye, sad to see him go! A great chap!

Could not fall asleep last night. Pondering options. Relief when I decided to hitch out with Jason and go to Denver, fly out west and then return home.

Thunder and Jay had left when I woke up. Packed all stuff for airplane mode and got out. Exchanged contact details with Brant and Jason. And bid farewell to Brant. It’s funny how quickly you become close after having lived on top of each other for 24 hours a day for three days.

Jason’s truck was of course a hypercool F150 from 1983. Awesome! We drove down the river for a few miles, and stopped, so Jason could have a quick bath. Water temperature just above freezing. Hard core!

Then we drove into Breckenridge for breakfast, sightseeing and some ice cream. We also had a nice chat with a girl cleaning a big blackboard with tge text “I am grateful for…”. After getting some examples from her, my conclusion was; the moments I have had with people on this soon to end month long journey.

We also had a chat with an old Belgian guy cycled Trans America. Another three month journey.

Jason had originally planned to park the truck at the next pass over and take the free shuttle back and hike with us in the afternoon and tomorrow. Me bailing out, put a spanner in that plan, and instead he decided to head down to some friends in Denver, for a wild(er) 4th of July celebration.

He took me to the nearest train station. And another tearful goodbye. I hate those.

Got some help from a couple buying tickets, since both my credit cards failed to work in the ticket machine. Gave them 20USD for a 10.50 ticket and asked them to pay it forward.

Once on the train it was quick sailing to the airport. Went by the Westin hotel to see if I could swap some Marriott points for a shower but no luck. Washed myself with some wet wipes in the handicap toilet and changed socks and shirt. That will have to do.

Now in the united lounge, searching for flights to Oslo.

PS: wrote parts of this in the toilet. Unsure if there then is a correlation with my writing being shit. Anyhow what’s tge deal with toilet doors and walls having big gaps over and under? I don’t like to see people’s feet and heads while trying to concentrate (on the blog and other things)

On flight: Watched “Unbranded”. A movie recommended by Jadon (Ski Patrol). About four friends riding wild mustangs from Mexico to Canada. If you like horses and nature and want a taste of the American landscape highly recommended!